Orad Reshef
Dr. Orad Reshef is a Banting postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa. He is passionate about science and about making a dent in the universe. Here, you can find more information on his research and career.
Interesting things happen to light when it travels through a material that has been structured on the nano-scale. We design and implement these kinds of materials to both explore fundamental physics, as well as to engineer novel light-matter interactions.
Latest Publications
Lattice-plasmon induced asymmetric transmission in two-dimensional chiral arrays. N. A. Chaitanya, M. A. Butt, O. Reshef, R. W. Boyd, P. Banzer & I. De Leon. APL Photonics, in press (2022). [Link] [PDF]
Designing high-performance propagation-compressing spaceplates using thin-film multilayer stacks. J. Pagé, O. Reshef, R. W. Boyd & J. S. Lundeen. Optics Express 30, 2197 – 2205 (2022). [Link] [PDF]
Cross-polarized surface lattice resonances in a rectangular lattice plasmonic metasurface. M. Saad Bin-Alam , O. Reshef, R. N. Ahmad, J. Upham, M. J. Huttunen, K. Dolgaleva & R. W. Boyd. arXiv: 2111.02472 (2021). [Link] [PDF]