Orad Reshef
Dr. Orad Reshef is a Banting postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa. He is passionate about science and about making a dent in the universe. Here, you can find more information on his research and career.
Interesting things happen to light when it travels through a material that has been structured on the nano-scale. We design and implement these kinds of materials to both explore fundamental physics, as well as to engineer novel light-matter interactions.
Latest Publications
Time-varying gradient metasurface with applications in all-optical beam steering. M. Karimi, M. Z. Alam, J. Upham, O. Reshef, R. W. Boyd. Nanophotonics, (2023). [Link] [PDF]
Strongly Coupled Plasmon Polaritons in Gold and Epsilon-Near-Zero Bifilms. S. Choudhary, S. Iqbal, M. Karimi, O. Reshef, M. Z. Alam & R. W. Boyd. ACS Photonics 10, 162 – 169 (2023). [Link] [PDF]
To What Extent Can Space Be Compressed? Bandwidth Limits of Spaceplates. K. Shastri, O. Reshef, R. W. Boyd, J. S. Lundeen & F. Monticone. Optica 7, 738 – 745 (2022). [Link] [PDF]