Orad Reshef
Dr. Orad Reshef is a Banting postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa. He is passionate about science and about making a dent in the universe. Here, you can find more information on his research and career.
Interesting things happen to light when it travels through a material that has been structured on the nano-scale. We design and implement these kinds of materials to both explore fundamental physics, as well as to engineer novel light-matter interactions.
Latest Publications
Ultra-high-Q resonances in plasmonic metasurfaces. M. S. Bin-Alam*, O. Reshef*, Y. Mamchur, M. Z. Alam, G. Carlow, J. Upham, B. T. Sullivan, J.-M. Ménard, M. J. Huttunen, R. W. Boyd & K. Dolgaleva. Nature Communications 12, 974 (2021). [Link] [PDF]
Photon acceleration using a time-varying epsilon-near-zero metasurface. C. Liu, M. Z. Alam, K. Pang, K. Manukyan,, O. Reshef, Y. Zhou, S. Choudhary, J. Patrow, A. Pennathur, H. Song, Z. Zhao, R. Zhang, F. Alishahi, A. Fallahpour, Y. Cao, A. Almaiman, J. Dawlaty, M. Tur, R. W. Boyd, A. Willner. ACS Photonics, in press (2021). [Link] [PDF]
Enhanced nonlinear optical responses of layered epsilon-near-zero metamaterials at visible frequencies. S. Suresh, O. Reshef, M. Z. Alam, J. Upham, M. Karimi & R. W. Boyd. ACS Photonics 8, 125-129 (2021). [Link] [PDF]