Orad Reshef
Ambassador Orad

Along with nearly a dozen other early career leaders, Orad has been selected as a 2021 OSA ambassador, for participation as a founding member of the Harvard University Student Chapter, chapter advisor to the University of Ottawa Student Chapter and virtual community engagement through the Photonics Online Meetup.

High-Q metasurfaces resonate with audiences
Interview with the Lithographer

This month, Orad was interviewed by the Anya Grushina of the Lithographer on his research and his involvement with POM. You can read the article here here.

OSA Webinars on ZIM and SLRs

Orad presented his research in 2 OSA Technical Group Webinars this Fall.

  • Campfire SessionZeroIndex Metamaterials for the Optoelectronics Technical group (Oct 27, 2020).
  • Nonlinear Plasmonic Metasurfaces Using Multiresonant Surface Lattice Resonances for the Photonic Metamaterials Technical Group (Nov 23, 2020). This webinar can be viewed on-demand on the OSA website.
Introducing: the Photonics Online Meetup

In collaboration with Professor Andrea Armani from USC, Orad will be co-chairing POM, the Photonics Online Meetup. The plan is to reduce the family burden of conference travel, reduce the carbon footprint and cost of participating in conferences, and make conferences more open and accessible to everyone. This project has been a joint collaboration with researchers from around the world — the organizing committee includes Igor Aharonovich from UT Sydney, Mikhail Kats from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rachel Grange from ETH Zurich, Riccardo Sapienza from Imperial College London, and Sylvain Gigan from Sorbonne Universite.

Click here to read more about POM.

Below is some press about POM:

Conference participants connected virtually in 66 hubs across 27 countries.
Orad is featured on the OSA website

Orad reviews the world

In the last few months, Orad published two review articles in prestigious journals:

Nonlinear optical effects in epsilon-near-zero media, in Nature Reviews Materials and Manipulating the flow of light using Dirac-cone zero-index metamaterials in Reports on Progress in Physics.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

We finally put an end to the debate, deriving the Grand Unified Theory of Sandwich (GUTS), a self-consistent classification scheme for all food. Read more at thexylom.com or download the pdf here.

Meet Orad Reshef

Orad was interviewed by uOttawa students and featured on their website! Learn more about Orad and his research here:

Zero-index waveguides make waves

Our article, Direct observation of phase-free propagation in a silicon waveguide, featured on the cover of November’s issue of ACS Photonics, has received substantial media coverage. This paper marks the first observation of an infinitely long optical standing wave, an especially accessible physics demonstration for the general public. Below is a selected list of highlights:

Orad is awarded the Banting Fellowship

For his proposal titled “Nonlinear optics in integrated zero-index media”, Orad has been awarded the prestigious Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, which will be carried out working under Robert W. Boyd at the University of Ottawa.

“Extracting loss” gets featured as the “Paper of the Week”

Our work “Extracting loss from asymmetric resonances in micro-ring resonators” was selected by the editors of the Journal of Optics as the “Paper of the Week” for the week of May 22, 2017.

“Reshef.ca” is launched!

Many thanks to Collettjd designs for their expertise and professionalism! We highly recommend their service.

Orad presides as judge for the Weizmann physics tournament

Hosted by Bialik High School in Montreal, 12 teams from Montreal and Toronto competed in the annual safe-cracking competition. Along with Professor Pereg-Barnea from McGill University and Professor Andrea Bianchi from l’Université de Montréal (pictured), Dr. Orad Reshef returned as a judge for the 3rd time. Congratulations to the winners, Bialik team B from Montreal, and Ulpanot Orot Team A from Toronto!

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Orad successfully defends his PhD thesis

“Nonlinear phase-matching in 2D integrated zero-index metamaterials” wins Best Student Paper

Orad’s presentation titled “Nonlinear phase-matching in 2D integrated zero-index metamaterials” is awarded the Best Student Paper Award by NKT Photonics at MRS Fall Meeting 2015. The award was presented by Prof. Alexandra Boltasseva. (Photo credit Justus Ndukaife.)

Major press for “On-chip zero-index metamaterials”

On-chip zero-index metamaterials, which was featured on the cover of the November issue of Nature Photonics, has received a tremendous amount of press and international attention. Below is a selected list of highlights: